A couple of years ago I attended an annual 3-day writing conference in Boston called “The Muse and the Marketplace,” which I highly recommend. At one of the sessions, the speaker asked all of us fledgling authors to write down what our primary goal in writing was.

For example, it might be to provide creative insights into human nature. It might be to win writing prizes and impress writing critics, judges, etc., with our exquisite writing prowess. It might be to make a lot of money, or at least to make enough money to support ourselves. Or it might simply be to write something our extended families would enjoy reading.

It was a very interesting question.

I decided that my goal was to entertain. That’s it. Anything else is gravy. And not necessary. And specifically, I wanted to entertain “my audience.” My audience being defined as people who are entertained by what I write. A circular definition, I agree.

Maybe nobody.

We’ll see.